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Best Websites for Teaching and Learning
A yearly list compiled by American Association of School Librarians

ARTSEDGE:  The Kennedy Center's free digital learning platform for arts education. Resources include lesson plans, guides, audio stories, video clips, and more.

The Artist's Toolkit:  Geared for teachers, but young artists can find inspiration and useful hints by exploring the tools that artists use and seeing artists in action.  Contains an encyclopedia of basic art terms.

Bedtime Math Modeled on the bedtime story tradition, Bedtime Math is a daily blog that offers daily math problems instead of stories. Math problems are offered in three levels of challenge (preschool, kindergarten through first or second grade, and second grade and up).

Mother Goose on the Loose online resources for teaching and enjoying Nursery Rhymes with your baby or toddler.  
Nursery rhymes are perfect for babies and toddlers. They are short and simple to recite or sing. They include words that begin and end with the same sounds, helping children's brains to recognize syllables and hear similarities in patterns. Familiarity with nursery rhymes can lead to phonological awareness. The repetition in nursery rhymes helps increase a child’s vocabulary.  Research shows that children who enter kindergarten knowing nursery rhymes will have an easier time learning how to read.

Multnomah County Library's Every Child Fantastic resources for infant, toddler and preschool children.  Lists of recommended reading and music selections to encourage early literacy skills.

Born Learning Born Learning is a public engagement campaign that helps parents, grandparents and caregivers explore ways to turn everyday moments into fun learning opportunities.

Common Core State Standards  Devoted to the task of defining Common Core State Standards, this site provides detailed definitions of what students are expected to learn. It serves as a resource to teachers and parents embarking on the education of young people, especially in the context of relevance to real-world knowledge and skills that are necessary for success in college and careers.

Education Week on the Web Online news from the world of education.

Edutopia:  K-12 Education Tips and Strategies that Work 
Success stories about what works in education in the six core concepts of integrated studies, project learning, comprehensive assessments, social & emotional learning, technology integration, and teacher development.

Get Set 4 Kindergarten This amazing guide to school readiness includes four sections that change monthly: kindergarten skills readiness, getting ready to read, health and wellness, and an information printout. Notably, each section includes book and website recommendations.

How to Smile:  Hands-on Science & Math A collection of hands-on science and math activities, created by staff from science museums around the country, this website is a resource for educators, homeschoolers, parents, and anyone looking to teach school-aged children about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) using interactive, non-classroom methods.

NeoK12:  Educational Videos and Lessons for K-12 School Kids
Need an educational video to share with your students? This sites has hundreds of video clips, covering the subjects of science, math, health, social studies and English Teacher resources and teacher professional development programming for K-12 teachers FREE through our satellite channel and Video on Demand.